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I was contacted immediately after sending an email. In fact, I had a Skype call with Faulkner within 10 minutes. All of my questions were answered professionally with great concern for doing things in compliance with the law.


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Faulkner International Home: International Tax Planning
Faulkner International provide international tax advice with comprehensive legal and robust tax mitigation solutions.

International Investment
Faulkner International specialise in providing comprehensive International independent financial advice.

What Faulkner International clients say about our offshore company evaluation and formation services and our international tax planning services.

International Tax Advice
Providing advice on international tax solutions and strategies designed to legally reduce or eliminate taxes.

International Tax Solutions
International tax planning solution provision as part of legal and robust mitigation structures.

International Tax Solutions-Corporate
Corporate international tax planning solutions specialist services.

Offshore Company Formation
Faulkner International: Specialist providers of offshore company formation services as part of comprehensive international tax mitigation structures.

Offshore Trusts
Advice and guidance on the use of offshore trusts in support of complete international tax solutions.

Offshore Payment Collection
Offshore payment collection and tax mitigation services to international trading companies.

International Financial Advice
International financial advice. Advice and guidance on international tax management and offshore tax planning.

Code Of Practice
How we work to provide cost efficient, workable legal and robust solutions for expatriates.

Legal Information
Faulkner International Legal Information.

International Financial Planning Tools
International financial planning tools for clients.

Useful Articles And News
News and articlesrelating to international tax mitigation and planning

International Financial Advisor Centres
Faulkner International's world wide financial advisor centres provide international tax planning services to expatriates and international corporation

Contact Us
Contact Faulkner International Seychelles office for details of our international tax planning and company formation services.

Contact South America
Faulkner International's office in South America provides international tax planning services as part of comprehensive tax planning solutions.

Contact Africa
Faulkner International financial advisor centre in Africa specialises in providing international tax planning services.

Contact Europe
Faulkner International European offices specialise in providing international tax advice and tax planning services.

Contact Asia
Faulkner International offices in Asia specialise in providing international Tax and offshore company advice and management services.

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