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What our clients say...

Faulkner International was unfailingly helpful in setting up our business and banking. As a first-timer to international off-shore business I was quite at a loss. The team provided all of the documents and forms and then patiently explained the process - even interceded on my behalf with local business and banks - to get everything running seamlessly.


Offshore Company Formation

Offshore Company Formation advice and guidance

Quite often, as part of an international trading structure, it's recommended to establish an offshore company. Alternatively, you may already have offshore businesses and corporate entities.

Faulkner International provide comprehensive advice and guidance on

  • The purpose and need to establish an offshore company
  • The best location to use
  • The most effective and cost efficient structure to use dependent on your tax status, nationality and current or intended residency

Offshore Company Formation - What can we do for you?

Financial District New York

We can evaluate and comment on your plans to start trading offshore or take your existing corporate activity offshore.

We will give you a 'best practice' approach to your business needs when looking at the cost and operational efficacy of offshore structuring.

We have access to all international Tax Haven locations, formation agents and unequalled international experience of the reality of operating offshore company structures for tax and operational purposes.

We can truly evaluate the best option available to you based on your needs and budget.

Faulkner International have unrivalled experience of international tax solutions that are practical, work operationally are legal, and compliant in all tax haven jurisdictions, as per our code of practice.

Comprehensive Offshore Company Formation Service

  • Are you at a loss about which location to choose to set up your offshore company?
    We can help.
  • Do you know which is the most cost effective offshore location to use?
    We can help.
  • Do you know which offshore location best suits your current or future business trading needs?
    We can help...

We will evaluate your needs and tell you the answer to all your offshore company formation questions.

We offer...

  • Unrivalled access to all International Tax Haven locations and Offshore Company formation agents.
  • Unparalleled first-hand knowledge of the reality of operating offshore company structures for tax and operational purposes.
  • Unequalled experience of International solutions that are practical, work operationally, are legal, and compliant in all tax haven jurisdictions.

...which means we can accurately evaluate the best option available to you based on your needs and budget.

Offshore Company Formation Services

Looking at forming an offshore company? We can offer you...

  • Competitive prices.
  • Fast set up: Within 5 working days.
  • Any jurisdiction: Mauritius, Seychelles, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, British Virgin Islands, Delaware, Wyoming, Belize, etc.

Do you Know?

  • That the costs involved in forming an offshore company then actually operating it may be vastly different?
  • That you really may not need an offshore company at all?
  • That you may still be liable for tax on all your offshore companies activities in the country you are resident unless you structure the company correctly from the outset?
  • That if you need a Power of Attorney and why and who should give it and how much you should be paying for it?
  • That those having tax haven Companies to mitigate tax liabilities may become liable if beneficial interests are not declared and discovered before being protected?
  • That if you need nominee Directors and if so what rights do you have and how do you operate your company using these Directors?

Faulkner International can answer your questions so that you can make an informed decision about your Offshore Company!

International Tax Planning Services


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