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What our clients say...

Faulkner International was unfailingly helpful in setting up our business and banking. As a first-timer to international off-shore business I was quite at a loss. The team provided all of the documents and forms and then patiently explained the process - even interceded on my behalf with local business and banks - to get everything running seamlessly.


Offshore Trusts


Faulkner International has an extensive and comprehensive insight into the various trusts available on and offshore, including Discretionary, Gift and Loan trusts, Non-discretionary, Revocable, Grantor, Family Retained Interest, Will and Protection Trusts.

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The tax advantage that a Trust can offer allows for sophisticated but surprising simple tax mitigation solutions previously unavailable to the individual and in most cases results in a substantial tax planning reduction in personal tax liability, better Nil Rate tax band planning and Inheritance Tax mitigation. Resulting in, short term (NRB), medium term (divorce, remarriage) and long term (IHT, Care home fees) savings and tax protection.

The protection that a Trust can offer is unique and far reaching but not always relevant, compliant or legal in certain jurisdictions or for certain nationalities. Please contact Faulkner International to clarify your position and immediately access any advantages available to you through cost effective timely trust planning.

Relevant Offshore Trust Solutions

We always evaluate your needs and propose a Trust solution that matches and solves immediate and long term problems in mitigating international and domestic tax liability for individuals and beneficiaries in light of current and relevant tax rules and international laws.


Offshore Trusts

Faulkner International offer a wide range of international investment solutions including:

  • Discretionary Trust
  • Non Revocable Trust
  • Grantor Trust
  • Protection Trust

We can evaluate the most suitable trust for your purposes.

All these trusts can be based on or offshore, dependent on the purpose and goal of the trust, how the assets are to be protected and to whose benefit.

They can offer very specific tax, control, and asset or property protections features as well as limiting the opportunity to being secured by third parties.

All these features are completely dependent on the Trust being properly established and the terms and propose of the trust being legal and robustly set out from the start.

We can help.

Offshore Trusts

Clients wishing to research or implement a trust often ask the same questions:

  • What jurisdiction should I use?
  • What exactly are the roles of Settlors and Beneficiaries?
  • What are the tax implications of being named in a trust Deed?
  • What are the cost benefits involved?
  • Are Trust structures always respected in every tax regime worldwide?

Our skills, experience and time tested methods will save you money.

  • Faulkner International can answer all your questions.
  • We can establish a legal robust Trust structure that works for you and your business.
  • We can establish a Trust that allows for maximum future flexibility and durability.



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